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Tale of the Snallygaster (SSA) with piano accompaniment

The Tale of the Snallygaster is a piece that tells the story of a folkloric creature, whose tale is native to central Maryland.


The most important aspect of this piece is the storytelling element. The dynamics and musical phrasing are intended to enhance the experience of this mystical beast for the performer and audience alike.  Allow the piece to grow with emotion and intensity to reflect the impending arrival of the Snallygaster.


Phrases beginning at m 94 should continually increase with intensity and volume, arriving at the climax of the piece in m100.


The piano represents the movement of the creature. Arpeggiated figures in the left hand should be fluid, and rhythmic figures should be enhanced to create the sound of the beast.


Enjoy telling the story!

Tale of the Snallygaster (SSA) with piano accompaniment

  • It is illegal to photocopy music. One copy of the music must be purchased for each member of the choir, with a minimum of 10 copies per order.

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