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Nature Boy (SSATTB w/rhythm)

The purchaser is licensed to only make copies for the singers in the ensemble. 


This unique and interesting interpretation of a timeless classic will intrigue and inspire your singers and audiences alike. Have fun exploring the multi-meter rhythms and all the reharmonizations throughout this piece. There is a wonderful rubato solo feature in the beginning of the arrangement that really shines the spotlight on the soloist, allowing ample opportunity for expression. The arrangement also features an open improvisation section; the harmony is rather diatonic, and the blues and minor pentatonic scales work particularly well as melodic choices. The arrangement concludes with a “tip of the hat” to one of the world’s greatest vocal jazz arrangers. Can you guess who?

Nature Boy (SSATTB w/rhythm)

  • The $65 Flat Fee for this arrangement gives permission to the purchaser to make the necessary number of copies for their ensemble.

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