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For Good (SATB) with piano accompaniment

"For Good" from the musical "Wicked" was originally a poignant duet that encapsulated the profound impact of friendship. Sung by Glinda and Elphaba, it explores the transformative power of their relationship. The lyrics reflect on how individuals can change and grow because of one another. The melody is both emotionally charged and uplifting, enhancing the heartfelt narrative.


As these two characters express gratitude for the lessons learned, the song becomes a touching testament to the enduring nature of true friendship. "For Good" resonates as a powerful and universal ode to the connections that shape our lives and leave an indelible mark.


This arrangement includes an optional cello accompaniment.

For Good (SATB) with piano accompaniment

  • It is illegal to photocopy music. You must purchase enough copies for each member of your ensemble (minimum 10).

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