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Both Sides Now (SSATTB a cappella)

In this captivating a cappella arrangement of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now," jazz harmony takes center stage, weaving intricate layers of rich chords and unexpected progressions. The arrangement masterfully explores texture, seamlessly blending smooth vocal lines with moments of rhythmic complexity and dynamic contrast. A climactic modulation ignites the piece, elevating both its energy and emotional depth. As the arrangement reaches its zenith, a solo voice emerges, supported by the choir's lush harmonies, delivering the poignant lyrics with raw vulnerability. It's a mesmerizing journey through the song's timeless themes, leaving listeners spellbound by its fusion of jazz innovation and soul-stirring expression.

Both Sides Now (SSATTB a cappella)

  • It is illegal to photocopy music. You must purchase enough copies for each member of your ensemble (minimum 10).

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